About us

Purchase and sale of real estate based in Bulgaria is the main activity of our company. We work directly with developers and property owners, which gives the buyer the opportunity to purchase the property at the lowest market price. We mainly offer finished real estate and real estate at the last stage of construction, when the building itself has already been built, finishing works and landscaping are carried out. Although in our range there are the objects in the initial stages of construction. We offer them for sale only in cases when there is 100% certainty that construction will be completed on time. Our portfolio includes real estate of various price segments and types - apartments, houses and townhouses, land, commercial and other real estate.
Our company provides services related to the purchase and sale of real estate in the Republic of Bulgaria, such as: legal support of the transaction, including checking the legal "purity" of real estate, registration of a legal entity, registration in the Bulstat Registry, declaration of real estate in the tax office, change of subscriber numbers for electricity and water, etc.
In the process of carrying out the core business, we also provide services related to home improvement and space planning, interior design, furnishing and renovation, the creation of house building projects.
For your convenience, our company will also take care of meeting you at the airport, your hotel accommodation and will help you with renting a car if necessary. This applies both to the pre-sale period and the process of using the property after its purchase.
Our company will help you in issues related to the further use of real estate and comfortable living in Bulgaria. We will help you with all necessary insurances (for real estate, medical insurance, insuranse for your Bulgarian car), we will advise you which doctor to turn to and in which stores to find the goods you need, etc. We will help you to feel Bulgaria as your home. If you decide to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence, we will help you with this too!
Thus, we are doing everything possible so that the process of buying real estate takes place quickly and depends as smaller number of people as possible, and the use of the acquired real estate to be enjoyable.
We guarantee you high quality service and confidentiality of the transaction!